Bet 365 Bingo


Bet 365 Bingo has been one of the most popular Online Bingo rooms for some time now and with good reason too. For starters a big pull for players is the look and feel of the Bet365 Bingo site. The colour scheme they have chosen is green and purple which has made it very easy on the eyes for the player. In addition to this Bet365 has took excellent care in building their site and in addition to looking fantastic it is also very easy to navigate between all the types of games on offer, the community page, and checking out all the ongoing promotions. As for the promotions on offer Bet365 Bingo has plenty to offer their Irish and UK customers. 

Every game they have regardless of stake or game type seems to have plenty of players in them and when it hits peak times these numbers can increase tenfold. And to make this experience all the more enjoyable Bet365 bingo has a fantastic community tab to let you chat with other players in the games, sign up for the loyalty scheme bonus, and experience Bet365 Bingo via their twitter, facebook, and youtube! 

Even more than this Bet365 Bingo has plenty of non bingo related games available for players who like to take a little break in between games too and try out some slots, scratchcards and even the lotto. So overall we can see why so many players have chose Bet365 to play bingo. The site looks great and seems to have plenty of players in their games at all times of the day. With so many games to choose from each with great payouts we’d highly recommend Bet365 Bingo to any new player!