Escalator Jackpots at Paddy Power Bingo

Posted by Multilead Media PGUK on Tuesday, July 21, 2015
One thing all Online bingo players love is a great jackpot, they make the game much more exciting to play and can add so much more entertainment to your game. When you play at an online Bingo site such as Paddy Power you will find that during a main game of bingo you could get a link game, this is where all bingo rooms are linked together creating a much larger pay out, most players will see this as a jackpot game because there is a much larger stake than in the regular Bingo room games. As well as this you will also find that there are many Bingo rooms that offer a jackpot if you call in a certain amount of numbers, this is something that makes your Bingo game much more intense. For those regular bingo players you will already know of the excitement when you see all the numbers from one ticket shooting off, so if this happens and you know you are very close to winning a jackpot you are going to get much more excitement. This is why it is so great and much more entertaining when Paddy Power gives players a jackpot promotion, there is always something new and exciting to look forward to when it comes to the promotions at an online bingo site, but when there is big money involved it can give players a much more thrilling online bingo experience.

Now this amazing promotion at Paddy Power Bingo will definitely give players the ultimate experience, with a share of 120k up for stake im sure many of you Bingo lovers are looking forward to playing these games. The promotion is available till Friday the 24th July and is played in the crystal room, there is a massive £50,000 up for grabs to just one lucky player and a £50,000 community pay out so it is fair to say that a lot of players will be winning some pretty large amounts of cash. The promotions that we find at Paddy Power Bingo are always exciting but this one takes it much further, with such high prizes at stake players will want to jump in these games fast to try and win the big money. The escalator jackpots are getting very big and can pay out money that will change lives, it is one thing to win a house but when you win a house with £50k at stake you are looking at one of the most exciting games of your life.

If you are a player at Paddy Power Bingo then just check out the promotions page for any t&c's and if you are not yet registered then do so today, not only will you be able to get involved in the amazing escalator jackpots but you will also be able to claim their fantastic welcome bonus. The welcome bonus will give players £20 free when they spend £5 on their first deposit, so not only will you have some free bonus cash to play with you can also opt into any promotions. Paddy Power is one of the biggest online bingo sites and with all that they have on offer for their players it is very easy to see why, enjoy all of the amazing games, bonuses and promotions at home or on your mobile at Paddy Power Bingo.

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