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Posted by Multilead Media PGUK on Monday, February 8, 2016

Bingo is one of the fastest growing games you’ll find around today and Mobile Bingo is on the forefront of that. As a result there’s simply so much news coming from the industry and all the various sites around the web that that we feel it’s necessary to give players a page to read about the biggest news each week/month. The biggest news this month though has to be that Valentine's day is just around the corner and so plenty of sites are jumping at the chance to offer players special Valentine's day bonuses which we’d highly recommend you take them up on! The first thing you’ll find is that the scorecards on all these sites will look a little more lovey dovey than normal in the run up to the special occasion however the big news for the day is the big games that many of the Mobile Bingo sites have running. Coral Bingo have decided to offer up £50k worth of prizes that day for their mobile players while Bet365 Bingo have gone a little higher than that offering up to £150,000 that day across two of their bingo rooms, and Betfred are offering something a little extra by giving players lots of free games every hour throughout the day in addition to the extra prizes! You’re gonna be hard pressed to find a site that won’t offer a lot more Feb 14th so if you can find a bit of free time for yourself then you know where to go! In other news Lucky Charm Bingo have added their own new promotion for players to enjoy each month which fortunately comes right before Valentine's day meaning it will be a double whammy of promotions for players. Their new promotion is play for £10k every 10th of the month and this is going to be for pretty cheap too, so if you’d like to boost your account standings before the big day then here’s a good place to do it! The bingo world really is going mad this month over Valentine's day with over 1 million worth of prizes being ready to get handed out. So if you can hide the love of your life for a few hours make sure you do, and if you haven’t found them yet then even better as you can treat yourself to a full day of bingo madness!


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