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Posted by Multilead Media PGUK on Tuesday, November 3, 2015
If you’ve heard anything at all about Bingo it will more than likely have been about 90 Ball Bingo. This is by far the most popular variation of Bingo that you will find and you would be extremely hard pressed to find a site online that does not offer it. However while it may be the most popular variation it’s not the only one and we hope to run you through some of the most popular variations so that you can jump into any online game that you fancy. It is possible that people may not have heard of 90 Ball Bingo, and unlikely as that is we should do a quick check up on this variation just incase.

90 Ball Bingo is a game that has 90 balls numbered between 1-90. Each ticket that a player purchases will have 15 numbers on them spread evenly over 3 lines. There are three prizes typically in this game and they will come when someone has fully matched one line, then two, and then finally all three lines on the ticket. 75 Ball Bingo is arguably the second most popular variant. This game was mainly played throughout the USA and Canada but has now started to make its way across the ocean thanks to online play. 75 Ball Bingo uses a 5x5 grid making 25 squares in total.

Unlike in 90 Ball Bingo where you have set rules, in 75 Ball Bingo the aim of the game will be to fill out a set pattern. This pattern could be something as simple as all 4 corners, or something else that features diagonal or straight lines. The changing pattern that must be made in the game keeps the game fresh for many and is a big reason for its rise in popularity. For those of you who like a faster variation of bingo then 30 Ball Bingo might just be the one for you.

This is essentially just a smaller version of the previous two with just 30 balls over a 3x3 grid. The aim is to mark off all the numbers and these games tend to be over incredibly quickly. The final type of bingo worth mentioning here would be 80 Ball Bingo. This is one of our personal favourites as is uses a 4x4 grid. Each of the vertical lines in the grid is represented by a different colour which helps to make this game more interesting. While matching off all 16 numbers is the most popular way to play 80 Ball Bingo there are also variations of the games where you only use two of the coloured balls and the object is to simply make two lines.

In the end we’d say there will always be some slight differences between each of the variations of the game, but you should be able to pick any of them up just fine. We’d say just note that if you like the classic game you can’t beat 90 Ball Bingo, if you want faster types then maybe 30 Ball Bingo is for you, and if you like to mix things up within the game then you might be best trying out either 75 or 80 Ball Bingo!

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