Wink Bingo


Wink Bingo has been declared UK & Ireland's biggest poker room this year so right from the start this should tell you the quality of the site. As you load on to the site there are brightly coloured bingo balls everywhere, plenty of different areas for you to explore and enjoy, and a list of their awards which is as long as any in the business. Wink Bingo has been in the Online Bingo industry for a decade now and it’s its excellent innovation in its features and gameplay that has kept the player base as large as it is today and a leader in the industry. 

As Wink Bingo is such a popular site to play on it has meant that it can afford the luxury of offering its Irish players some fantastic promotions just for signing up which include a 350% deposit bonus for deposits up to £100 and an opportunity to win £1000 in just one spin! Wink Bingo also offer players many seasonal promotions as well as regular ones such as Free Sunday £250, Loyalty bonuses, and Bingo Progressive Jackpots. 90 ball and 75 ball bingo are the two main games that Wink Bingo feature as opposed to just the regular 90 ball that most feature and of course as you would expect from a top site they also have all other popular variations of bingo included too such as 40 ball bingo. 

One area that Wink Bingo really excels in over many of its competitors is with its community section. As well as having chat rooms to let you talk and enjoy the games with other players there is also a tips and secrets section, a life hacks section, a jokes sextoin, and even a place for you to discover new recipes! A nice little added bonus to the community section of Wink Bingo is that it also offers players some unique little bonuses so it’s definitely something worth checking out! As with a lot of sites now Wink Bingo has also done a good job at adding some other forms of gaming on their site for those looking for a quick rush of excitement in between games of bingo. 

This includes some Online Slots, card games, scratch cards, and unique interactive games with cash prizes. Finally we could not go without mentioning Wink Bingo’s mobile app, as it is just as great as the main site, with the addition of even more interactive play than ever before! So in the end it’s not really too difficult to see why Wink Bingo is a fan favourite. The key draws would really have to be it’s excellent player community, bonuses, and player base although if we’re being honest here there isn’t really any area where Wink Bingo isn’t doing a great job.