Mobile Bingo Bonuses

One of the great things about having so many Online Bingo Sites to choose from is that they all have to compete with each other to get players to select them as their choice to play bingo. As a result of this most if not every site will be offering you fantastic promotions and bonuses in order to entice you to come to their online site. These can come in all sorts of packages and in addition to that certain additional bonuses can be given to players who make their way to the site via a certain page (for example an Online Bingo Review Site). Typically there are a few key types of bonuses that an Online Bingo Site will offer players and more often than not they will offer more than just one of them. The first bonus that you may come across is called a No Deposit Bonus.

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Here a site will give you some amount of cash, typically between £5 and £20, for you to spend and play on their site with, cash that you can withdraw once you’ve played a certain amount of games with. This is a great bonus for the player as it gives you a chance to play around on their site and see how much you enjoy it without having to put a penny in first. The next type of bonus you can receive from a site are deposit bonuses. These are usually the biggest bonuses that go around with the more you are depositing, the bigger the bonus you will receive. These can range anywhere from a 100% to a 500% bonus on your deposit with a general rule that the more you are allowed to deposit for this bonus the lower the percentage will be(aka say a 500% deposit up to £20, or a 100% deposit up to £300).

The amount and type of of deposit you are looking for here should really reflect how much Online Bingo you are looking to play. If you are only messing around a little it may be best to take a smaller deposit that give you a bigger % bonus, whereas if you are a Bingo addict taking the maximum deposit possible will be best long run. The final type of bonus you will see more often than not will be given as you join a site as well as when you play on it regularly and these are free games bonuses. Quite often on Online Bingo Sites you will be given free tickets to play in their jackpot games, or even free spins on their slot machines with all the prizes you win free to withdraw.

Typically they aren’t a huge amount but they can pad your bankroll quite nicely. In the end it is in your best interest to take one of these bonuses when you sign up as it really is just free money. Online Bingo review sites are typically the best way to take advantage of these bonuses as more often than not they will be given special bonuses to give to new players, as well as helping new players to find the bonus that is right for them. This may end up being anything from an extra 20 free tickets or even an extra £100 in bonuses, so it’s really free money you don’t want to be leaving on the table!